Arrgh Linux (AGAIN)

Following on from http://www.fbdragon.co.uk/2013/10/05/arrghlinux/

I thought I’d give Linux as a “Desktop” (Well Laptop) OS another shot, this time using Mint 16.

Sadly it’s still not in a fit state for daily use, that’s pretty disheartening given most of the apps I use these days actually have Linux equivalent.

The problem is as always one of drivers, specifically Nvidia drivers, whilst they’re better than they used to be they still cannot handle Optimus with multiple monitors.

I wouldn’t even care if I was forced to have the Nivdia GPU doing all the rendering, it has to be powered up anyway since the HDMI output is directly connected to it, I almost had it working but I was stuck in a situation where I couldn’t switch my displays around so the Laptop display is the Primary.

I also couldn’t adjust the positioning of the displays, every time I tried to reconfigure Xorg to tell it the HDMI display was on the left it just crashed.

Do the people who write this stuff never use more than one monitor or something?  It seems to be something that shouldn’t be difficult to get right but quite clearly it is.


Anyway if anyone else is in the same boat here’s some resources that might help


http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=153078&p=808293#p808293 < – Forum post on optmius in mint 16

http://www.noobslab.com/2014/01/install-lightdm-display-manager-in.html <- (needed for Graphical login after installing the nvidia drivers I believe)

http://negativo17.org/complex-setup-with-nvidia-optimus-nouveau-prime-on-fedora-19-2/ <- Guidance on multiple monitor support using Nvidia drivers and optimus/prime


Don’t ask me about the monitor positioning, never did figure that one out 🙁