Ebay are F**king Useless

So a while ago someone signed up to ebay using my email address. Despite telling Ebay this many months ago and even going as far as emailing their CEO’s office and receiving a response that they will sort this I am still getting emails for this other account.

It’s annoying as my other account forwards to my main one which means as well as my own messages I get someone elses, Despite telling ebay the data they hold is incorrect they don’t seem to want to rectify this.

This seems to Mirror other attempts I’ve had to contact ebay over the years about various things, including once trying to report a bug in the checkout process if you had a paypal balance in a foreign currency.

I.e they’re completely useless and talking to a brick wall would probably prove a more constructive thing to do.

I just hope I never Ever have a problem that cannot be solved without contacting them as I fear I won’t have any sanity left if that happens….


Update: 6/2/2013:  

Looks like I’m not the only one having problems, although for this guy things are even worse.



Oh and they STILL haven’t managed to actually remove my email address from this other persons account