Waze the social Sat-Nav

Been using Waze for a few days now and have to say it’s a interesting way to approach Sat-Nav,

The app works simular to most other navigation apps you’ll find on your smartphone in that you have a Map and directions, in this case the maps are downloaded over the air rather than stored on the device itself.

The Navigation facilities of the app aren’t the best I’ve come across, they aren’t Bad by any stretch of the imagination but sometimes I do question it’s route selection sometimes but I’ve never had it fail to get me where I was going.

What sets Waze apart from most other Sat-Nav’s however is the social features,  the app uses the location and speed data from people using it to work out where the traffic jams are, it also allows users to report traffic jams and other hazards to the community causing the app to alert you prior to approaching them.  So far I’ve been very impressed with this aspect of the app it seems to work very well.

It can also attempt to re-route where another route is available to try and avoid the jam.

Best of all it’s free on Android/iOS/Blackberry/Ovi So why not pop over to the marketplace/appstore and give it a try.



Sonic Generations

The Steam Sale is both a blessing and a curse at once,

There are some nice discounts to be had on some pretty neat games so naturally I’ve picked up a few including Sonic Generations.

Nice to see that Sega have finally improved on the series, Although it’s very noticeable that they were somewhat lazy in making the PC version and seem to have just ported it pretty much directly from the Xbox version.


That said not a bad game so far, I seem to excel in falling off the 3d levels how ever 🙁


Contacting Google

I wanted to contact Google a few days ago to send some feedback on one of their new account features (Unique passwords for apps/devices that don’t support the new 2factor authentication) however it seems to be almost impossible to actually submit feedback to them.

Maybe I’m just missing something but it doesn’t seem they want to make it easy :-/

Incidentally the issue I wanted to report is that It’s a right pain to copy/paste the app password on mobile/tablet devices such as Ipad’s as it also copies the crap about only needing to use the password once.

Which is actually wrong anyway as some app’s seem to forget the stored password every so often, for instance my android phone seems to want the Google account password to be re-entered if the Sim is changed and feedly on the Ipad sometimes forgets it for some reason (cache clearing perhaps?)  They also need to add a Re-generate button next to the revoke button.