Logitech Support

We have a Logitech keyboard (LX710) that we’d had managed to somehow lose one of the support legs from the back of the keyboard.

I quite like typing on the keyboard (But I find it annoying not having the back raised) and that because the keyboard was otherwise fully functional I decided that I might try contacting to support to enquire if it’s possible to purchase a replacement plastic leg (which would be a lot cheaper than a whole new desktop set).

I contacted Logitech’s support via their online form and got a very polite response the next day stating that it is possible to get a replacement leg but unfortunately they didn’t have any in stock at the moment and asked me if I wouldn’t mind waiting a week or so and then emailing them again.

I emailed them again today as it was roughly a week since I last contacted them and they replied within a couple of hours of recieving my update  to inform me that they were shipping a replacement part out and it should be here in 10 working days.

I have to say I’m fairly impressed with the level of service, Other that the automatic acknowledgment emails all the support responses appear to have come from a real person rather than just someone copying/pasting some irrelevant script and it’s nice to see them supporting their products in such a way, this was not a particularly expensive keyboard /mouse set and it was completely our fault the leg went missing in the first place.

They didn’t indicate any charges for the replacement part or ask for any payment information so presumably it’s free, which if that is the case it’s certainly very nice of them, i’ve heard stories in the past about logitech support being pretty good and I’m glad to hear it still is.

Would certainly consider buying their products again in the future.

Edit:  26/11/2009

Got home from work today to find the replacement they’d promised had already arrived, and to my suprise they’ve not just sent a replacement for the little plastic leg they’ve actually sent a replacement keyboard/mouse set!

Blimey, I only needed a little plastic leg have to say that’s pretty amazing support!


Hell NO

This was the ridiculous proposal that’s being put forward.


I hope this never happens, it’s absurd the party responsible for the accident should be he one’s who caused it wether that be the driver the cyclist or both.  To say it’s always the drivers fault absolutely propostrious.

Btw why is cyclists don’t have to have insurance to use the roads yet other vehicles do, a cyclist smashing into something can still do damage, there is unfortunately a lot of crap cyclists out there who will only to happily go the wrong way up a one way street, cycle with no lights in the dark or jump red lights when it suits them (Arguably there is also a lot of crap drivers out there that seem to do similar) It’s a pity becuase it gives the sensible people a bad name.

Sigh, Rant over.